Lexus MONOGRAM is a thoroughly modern approach to digital retail, an in-house solution designed to connect guests with dealers and streamline the entire vehicle shopping experience. And now – MONOGRAM Service has arrived to apply that same formula to the “fixed ops” side of the house, putting guests and service departments on one unified platform that’s smarter than anything else out there.

A Day in the Life 

Put together to announce the platform in a series of “roadshow” presentations to Lexus’ nationwide dealer network, this 3-minute video offers a more cinematic approach to the MONOGRAM Service experience, letting the talent and footage do the talking. In it, we watch our guest Jane as she finds out for herself just how slick the new platform is as she books her appointment and checks in with her advisor.

Benefit Video Shorts

A series of four 2-minute videos, each one geared toward a specific viewer: the service advisor, the service manager, the shop technician, and the guest. Supporting the footage with an added voiceover narration layer – as well as additional motion graphics and overlays – these targeted videos help reinforce why MONOGRAM Service is such a smart choice for each audience’s unique needs.

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