Toyota Crown offers a modern take on the premium sedan experience, offering exciting looks, advanced safety and convenience technologies, and a standard hybrid drivetrain – including a range-topping turbocharged Hybrid Max variant that balances performance and efficiency like never before.

Stage3 Agency arranged a high-security, two-day video shoot to capture footage and images of two Crown model grades as they were set into a range of relevant scenarios. This material was used to produce a range of assets exclusively for the vehicle launch.


A high-energy, 60-second “sizzle” video for initial use during the reveal event, and then shared online for additional brand engagement.


A 6-minute overview video for online distribution that uses narration to entertain and educate viewers about the vehicle and its various talking points.


Two footage “stringout” videos – one for each vehicle grade – for use on Toyota’s newsroom to assist media outlets with producing their own content.


A photo album of high-resolution images, also designed for media use and accessible through Toyota’s newroom.

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