As part of our partnership with Toyota, we produce video content that engages and informs both new and existing customers about the latest vehicles and technologies. We deliver a wide range of video content in different formats, including the Walkaround, How-To and Explainer videos. During the creation process, we work closely with Toyota product specialists to ensure accuracy and relevance.

The Walkaround video is the perfect format to deliver key features and specifications about a new vehicle. Content is broken into logical chapters that include design, performance, technology, safety and value, all of which comes together in a tight package that perfectly encapsulates what the new model is all about.


Comparison videos often offer similar information, except it’s presented in context with a key competitor from a different manufacturer. By putting the two vehicles side-by-side, the Comparison video goes over the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle, as well as the long-term value proposition of the Toyota, helping viewers understand exactly how the two models stack up.

Today's vehicles are jam-packed with advanced new technologies that deliver performance, convenience and safety – but that doesn’t mean these features are always easy to use. How-To videos address this by offering a clear and concise step-by-step format that helps owners understand how to enable, disable, operate and customize these various features.

Modern automobiles are complex products, and people aren’t born with an understanding of automotive engineering and technology. Toyota believes that educating the customer about its wide range of vehicles will always lead to the smartest purchase decision, and our Explainer video format is the perfect way to achieve this goal. These videos specialize in using approachable styles to break down complex information into easily digestible content.

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